cropped-author_bw1.gifHeather is a writer. Her first novel, This Is What I Want to Tell You, was published in 2009. She has lived on a river in Vermont, in a Gothic tower in New York, an Oxford townhouse, an apartment off Sunset Boulevard, a Pacific ocean beach house with a peach tree, a marble-floor apartment on Viale Trastever in Rome, many Brooklyn brownstones, an Alphabet City tenement and a second floor in Queens. She has slept on hundreds of couches and back porches and in tents and cottages and hopes she will always hold on to a bit of the gypsy.

Heather is also a high school teacher and guidance counselor. Her stories are almost always wrapped up in some day or memory of adolescence because when you are a teenager everything that is happening is happening to you for the first time and everything is real and raw and powerful. She always writes for her students, past and present; she wants to write the stories that are happening at the most important time in our lives.

Heather continues to write, to teach, to be a counselor, to be restless and seek out adventure but one thing stays the same now—she never stops writing stories and she never stops being inspired by that time in your life, between childhood and everything after, when you feel everything right to the core of you and you believe in possibility, at least most of the time.