cropped-heatherbw.pngIn addition to the workshops below, Heather is also available for manuscript critique and editing, individual writing tutoring, college counseling in single sessions or for long-term planning. She has taught Creative Writing for Writopia Lab, WriteGirl, Bard High School Early College, various high schools in Los Angeles and privately. She has also taught Writing at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, American Overseas School, St. Stephens School and through The Summerfuel College Experience Programs. Please contact her at to discuss any of these services.

Creative Writing Workshops

Heather is available to teach various Creative Writing workshops for elementary, middle and high school students. Her first novel, This Is What I Want to Tell You came out in 2009. Heather specializes in helping develop characters and plotting stories. Anywhere you are in your writing, from a germ of an idea, to hundreds of pages, Heather can help you organize or flesh out your story, and build ideas and plots in a small group critique environment. Heather can work with large or small groups or individuals, children or adults. She is also available for school visits or long-term after school or in-school workshops. Please email Heather at

College Counseling

Heather is available for single-session meetings or long-term college counseling. She can help your student perfect his or her essay in one meeting, or she can sit down with your family and guide you through the college application process from beginning to end. A novelist and Writing teacher, Heather has also been a College Counselor for nearly a decade, in an International Baccalaureate program in Rome, Italy and most recently at Bard High School Early College in New York, New York, a school which graduates students with 60 college credits as well as a high school diploma. She has also spent four summers working as a College Counselor in the SummerFuel program on campus at Columbia University and the University of California, Berkeley. Here Heather works with high school juniors from around the world to craft their college list, outline the college application process for the senior year, and perfect the Personal Statement. In addition to years of experience, Heather has an Advanced Certificate in College Counseling from University of California, Los Angeles and an extensive knowledge of colleges and programs across the country, especially in the Liberal Arts. She has graduated a Gates Millenium Scholar, two Posse Foundation Scholars, and a Questbridge finalist. Her students have gone on to such wide ranging schools as Carnegie Mellon University, Elon University, Cambridge University, Vassar College, Cornell University, Franklin & Marshall College, Reed College, Earlham College, University of Pennsylvania, and many, many more. She specializes not in getting students into the schools with the “highest rankings” but in finding the school that is the absolute best match for your student.